USA Bollards is a worldwide leading developer and manufacturer of Anti-Terror Security Access Control Protection systems for secured compounds.

In our 20+ years in the market, USA Bollards have mastered and incorporated unique and modern technologies, meeting the highest level security demands.
Bollards provides a wide variety of state-of-the-art, heavy load, maintenance-free system products that are meant to prevent the intrusion of unwanted vehicles and personnel into secured areas.

Our Security Solutions

Fixed Bollards


Bollards are barriers mostly used to prevent vehicle encroachment. We offer various bollards: Fixed or removable , custom-made removable bollards, semi-automatic or fold-down bollards.

Various Bollards

Security Damper with Arm Barrier

Road Blockers

Block unauthorized vehicles from entering controlled passages. Use offer both upper surface mounts or buried mounts in case digging is not possible.
Arm Barrier - EL-08-1

Arm Barriers

Made of concrete weights placed on the road, steel profiles arm with an inner steel cable and a very powerful Operating system Suitable for heavy duty operation.

Our Products