3DUVIS – Under Vehicle Inspection System

In today’s world the need to inspect every vehicle entering your corporate property is a sad reality. With bomb threats, drug trafficking, and corporate espionage all a very real threat, having the ability to inspect and track every vehicle on your property is a major advantage in the case of an emergency.

Under Vehicle Inspection System


Our 3DUVIS, or 3 Dimensional Under Vehicle Inspection System, allows you to do just that. Our system works in conjunction with a License Plate Recognition Camera to ensure each vehicle inspected is properly recorded. Our high density cameras allow for the ability to scan and recognize items as small as 0.5cm X 0.5cm, which means vehicles can be quickly checked as they enter the property without the need for a person to actually look under the car.

Under Vehicle Surveillance System

Our cameras work at speed up to 65kph, which means you can quickly scan and inspect each vehicle without stopping them ahead of time. The undercarriage scan is done in high resolution color, which allows for perfect photographs and makes detecting foreign objects much simpler. The drive is also photographed, and the tag number, once stored in the system, will be remembered each time that vehicle approaches the sensor.

The applications for this equipment are completely unlimited. Corporate offices, military bases, schools, and hospitals could all benefit from the ability to check vehicles out without having to manually inspect it. All of this is possible with the use of our 3DUVIS, and our team is ready to answer all your questions about this amazing product. Give us a call today to learn more about 3DUVIS and how it can help you boost your security to the next level.