Pneumatic Arm Barriers – EL-01 & EL-02

Fast and reliable, the barriers are the perfect match for use with a pneumatic security system.

The pneumatic operation is suitable for a large number of operations per day/hour and has all-weather construction.

Main Features                                                                      

  • Pneumatic operation
  • All weather housing
  • Unlimited operations per day
  • Operated with an air pressure key in case of power failure
  • Computer operation
  • Control system connection

 Pneumatic Arm Barriers                                                                                                          Pneumatic Arm Barriers


Pneumatic Arm BarriersSuitable For

  • Commercial parking areas
  • Public entrance
  • Toll Road
  • Army Bases
  • As an addition to every Roadblock system
  • Border Checkpoint
  • Commercial Operations