The high security, retractable bollards have been successfully tested and certified to the highest standards of K12 and PAS68 by an authorized crash test facility.
This formidable strength is important when you need to secure high profile, high risk facilities and highly secured compounds. Electrically driven or pneumatic operation available.

Retractable bollard systems are the perfect choice for blocking unauthorized vehicles from accessing restricted areas. These bollard systems allow for access when it’s needed, but also provide security when access is forbidden. The best of the retractable bollard systems on the market is the automatic retractable bollard.

The automatic retractable bollard is designed to be operated at the push of a button. The built in pneumatic lift system will bring the bollard up and lock it into position. This type of bollard is the perfect choice for high traffic areas, such as parking garages and schools. They are deployed with a simple button push and can be operated by anyone.

Automatic retractable bollard systems are more expensive than manual lift bollards and assisted manual lift bollards. However, they are able to provide heavier security and allow the ability to remotely access the area. This means that the person operating the bollards does not necessarily have to be at the location himself.

Automatic Retractable Bollards

Type of Automatic Retractable Bollard


Because of the need for security in places like mini-storage facilities and schools, automatic retractable bollards are a perfect choice. These areas can be very high traffic, which means the bollards have to be able to be deployed quickly. The lift system inside the bollard is designed to work in even very cold temperatures, and the bollard itself is built out of the leading materials in the industry.

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Automatic Retractable Bollards