Removable Bollards: Security Needs Come and Go

Perimeter security removable bollards is a very important component of any security strategy and is designed to not only protect the buildings, but all of the people and valuable materials within. There are many security barriers that can be used for this reason, but removable bollards are popular because when needs change they can too. The word bollard is actually derived from a post used on a ship or land dock where the vessel can be moored or towed.

There is evidence of bollards like wooden posts being used to direct traffic as early as the 18th century. Today, we tend to use the term bollard to refer to vertical posts that can direct traffic or act as a protector against undesirable visitors and their potentially ill-intentions. USA-Bollards designs sleek and highly-functional bollards that are removable, retractable, and permanent – depending on the customer’s needs.

Removable Bollards

It may seem counterintuitive to have a barrier in place that can be removed, but it’s actually a convenient way to safely accommodate a variety of situations. Popular uses for removable bollards include: at events to help guide traffic, construction sites to keep unwanted vehicles from trespassing, in lobbies to guide customers to a certain area, outside in pedestrian walkways to separate walkers from vehicles, at secured compounds as added perimeter security, in parking lots to hold designated spaces, and at access points to prevent traffic by vehicle and foot from crossing certain thresholds – just to name a few.

So, why use a bollard and not something more cost-effective like a cone? First of all, cones are unattractive and cumbersome. A strong gust of wind could blow them down the street and plastic isn’t exactly an effective barrier between a ton of steel (vehicle) and a building or pedestrians. Secondly, EL-GO Team’s removable bollards are crash tested at K4, K8, K12 and PAS 68 certification levels, which offers literally tons of impact resistance (6.8 tons at 30mph). Not only do these durable and formidable pillars protect property and people from car accidents, it protects them from those who wish to cause intentional damage. If history tells us anything, vehicles are often used as an avenue to deliver bombs to secured buildings and these highly certified bollards will stop such a terror threat dead in its tracks.

Removable Bollards - Airport

Removable Bollards

USA-Bollards has spent almost two decades honing their craft as experts in the field of security for high-risk facilities. Through these years of commitment to their customers they have developed a top of the line quality security barriers that can be customized to fit each and every unique situation. They are technologically savvy and understand the types of threats that may present themselves in the volatile world we live in, which is why highly secure governmental compounds and embassies around the world have chosen to put their safety in the hands of USA-Bollards sophisticated design.

Removable bollards are very easy to install and equally easy to remove when necessary which is the appeal of using them over other more permanent fixtures like retractable or fixed bollards. They can also be modified to match your vision needs to prevent the cold feel of a metal post barricade. USA-Bollards will work with customers to meet all their requirements all while maintaining their professional and world renowned security reputation.

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