Our retractable bollards systems offer you the ability to block off parts of your property at any time you desire, without the need for removal of the bollard. Our retractable system allows you to choose when you want to raise your barriers, while allowing you to store the bollard underground right where you need it! These bollards are easily secured with a lid that locks over the canister to prevent theft and to ensure no one tampers with them.

Our most economical choice for retractable bollard systems is the manual lift system. This bollard stands 36” above the ground when fully extended, and weighs from 28 to 86 pounds depending on the diameter of the bollard. While providing ease of access by always being in the location you need them, they do require manual raising and lowering for each use.

For a heavier, more durable retractable bollard, our manual assisted lift system is the perfect choice. These bollards have a built in pneumatic system that assists the operator in raising the bollard into position. Because of this, these bollards are more heavy duty than a simple manual lift retractable bollard. These work well along sidewalks and parking lots you need to cordon off on a regular basis.

Our automatic lift system employs an electro-hydraulic lifting system that is designed to be used on a regular basis. Parking garages, private communities, and even your private residence can benefit from this type of system. The pneumatic lift is engaged to raise and lower the bollard at the push of a button.

If you have an area that you wish to divide, but plan on allowing occasional access to, then a retractable bollard system is the perfect solution for you. Affordable, durable and available in several different styles, these systems are not only effective, but also aesthetically pleasing.