Closing Lanes With Fixed Bollards

Permanent Fixed BollardsOur permanent fixed bollards are built to last, and designed to withstand even the impact of a vehicle. When you need tough, permanent security barriers for your property, then our permanent fixed bollards are exactly what you need!

Designed to be in a stainless steel sleeve and surrounded by a rebar reinforced concrete pad, these permanent fixed bollards provide the ultimate security choice for the area you need permanently blocked off. These bollards are completely theft proof and are not meant to be removed. They will be a constant warning to all who see them that you want that particular area left alone.

These permanent fixed bollards are a perfect choice for dividing up your parking lot, splitting a section of land, and marking campsites and recreational areas. No matter what type of property you may own, an permanent fixed bollards is a great way to provide permanent security to you.

Each of our bollards is not only designed to be strong and durable too. We only use the best materials on the market in the construction of our products, and each of our bollards is carefully inspected to ensure it matches with the high quality you have come to expect from our products.

So, the next time you’re trying to decide how to secure your perimeter with a solid, yet attractive system. Call us, our team of experts is standing by waiting to help you choose the perfect permanent fixed bollards system for your home or business property. We can help you save money and secure your property at the same time! Call us right now to learn more!



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