Security Shallow Mount Bollard

A shallow mount bollards system is the best solution when perimeter Anti-Crash protection is required in areas where deep excavation is not possible.
USA-Bollards offers K12, K8 and K4 rated shallow mount bollards system engineered with USA-Bollards BLG-05, BLG-04 and BLG-02 crash certified bollards.

Our shallow mount bollards allow for quick installation for almost any type of property. These are the perfect solution for sectioning off one area of your parking lot for a specific purpose, such as staff parking. They work well for other projects, such as dividing up different sectors of parks and recreational areas. Place a shallow mount bollards at the mouth of your hiking or biking trail to discourage vehicles from entering.

A shallow mount bollards system provides a highly visible, yet aesthetic security barrier for your property. Our shallow mount bollards are made from high quality materials, and our engineers and designers know what it takes to build the best product on the market. Designed to be attractive and functional, these shallow mount bollards are built to last through the toughest winters and hottest summers. No matter what part of the world you live in, you can count on our shallow mount bollards to work for you.

Shallow Mount Bollards


The shallow mount bollards is secured to the ground, rather than being dropped into a concreted or steel sleeve. This means it is attached into the ground thanks to it shallow frame, and is not built to stand a direct blow from an automobile. However, these do work perfectly as a visible discouragement for auto drivers to help remind them that particular area is off limits.

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Shallow Mount Bollards