The Security Turnstile (STS-01)

The modern world seems to be under a constant threat of terror.

USA-Bollards has come up with a solution to meet the growing need for security turnstiles, Creating a safe passage for pedestrians.

USA-Bollards offers two types of Turnstiles for different levels of security needs.

The Classic Turnstile specially designed to control entry and exit to a secured area or Security Turnstile,

a unique (patented) product that gives an answer to both pedestrian access control and security situations potentially created on walk-in compounds.


The Security Turnstile

USA-Bollards Security Turnstile offers sophisticated solutions for regulating pedestrians movements.Security Turnstile

when suspect is recognized by the system, lock in operation is activated.

And in the event of emergency, system is designed to have arms in the up position creating a free passageway


Main Features

  • One Person At A Timed Controlled Operation
  • Lock-In Operation Of suspect
  • While In Lock-In Mode, The Suspect Will Have Enough Room For Examination
  • Emergency Clear Passage Operation
  • Works With Metal Detector, Ray Detector


Sensing Units, Biometric Face/Picture Recognition, Magnetic Cards Etc.

Optional Automatic Lock-In Operation Controlled By Picture/Name Database


Full Height Turnstile