A security shallow Mount Wedge Barrier is designed specifically for the entrance points of buildings and compounds that are security sensitive. This security Shallow Mount Wedge Barrier offers high anti-ram protection, and is the first choice of premises like banks, depots, embassies, and more. If a vehicle tries to force its way in, the wedge barrier won’t budge an inch. Even if a vehicle approaches at high speeds, it would come to a stop as soon as it comes into contact with their automatic road blockers.

The shallow mount wedge barrier is a heavy duty system.
The unique integrated electric driven technology enables a reliable, low maintenance and fast operation.
The shallow mount wedge barrier can be ordered in various protection levels (K8/K12 & PAS68 certified) at several widths and can operate during power failure.     Shallow Mount Wedge Barrier

Main Features

  • Electrically driven operation
  • Shallow mount
  • Low Maintenance
  • IP 68
  • Available with skirt
  • ASTM K8 & K12/PAS68 impact resistance rated

A-260 Optimus

Last but not the least; the Optimus A-260 is a shallow mounted Wedge Barrier, electrically operated. Requiring an excavation depth of just 26 cm!, the proportions of this heavy duty wedge barrier is 4 meters in length and 2.5 meters in width. With K-12 level of impact resistance, it is designed and built as 7.5 ton barrier that can withstand heavier vehicles approaching at 80 kph!

This road blocker is ideally suited for locations like:

  • Army bases
  • Gated Facilities
  • Airports
  • Secured compoundsA260 copy 3